Diva Angerona

Spirit of the Winter Solstice

Feast Day

December 21 (or 13, follow your heart here)

Her festival, the Angeronalia, also known as the Divalia, was celebrated on 21 December, and so she is sometimes described as the spirit of the Winter Solstice, In Roman days, before calendar reform, the Winter Solstice occurred on 13 December.



Angerona, a primordial goddess of the Roman region, is the spirit of silence and secrets, and so perhaps it is appropriate that she is now veiled in mystery. She is Rome’s protectress; the guardian of its secret name, which could not be publicly revealed or even uttered aloud lest enemies learn it and gain power over the city. (Some suggest that Rome’s true name is that of this goddess.)

Angerona is also a painkiller, relieving physical, emotional, and psychic suffering. She communicates telepathically.


Her classical image depicts a woman with a bandage across her mouth, holding her finger to her lips indicating the need for silence. Historically, many have found it a disturbing image: more Romantic versions delete the bandage. (Modern, harder-edged devotees might substitute duct tape.)

Spirit Allies

Official sacrifices to Angerona were offered in the Temple of Voluptas, where her statue was kept.

Voluptas, daughter of Psyche and Cupid, is the goddess of voluptuous pleasures. She is invoked for romance and bliss. She has dominion over whether sex is pleasurable or not.

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