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(Arthromeris wallichiana)

Common Name Latin Name Plant Family
Arthromeris wallichiana

None known

  • Medicinal Use

    The root is antiseptic. A paste of the roots is applied as a poultice to wounds and boils[272].

  • Edible Use

    Tender young fronds – cooked. Used as a vegetable[272].

  • Cautionary Notes

    None known

Cultivation & Habitat

Spores – best sown as soon as ripe on the surface of a humus-rich sterilized soil. Keep the compost moist, preferably by putting a plastic bag over the pot. Pot on small clumps of plantlets as soon as they are large enough to handle and keep humid until they are well established. Do not plant outside until the ferns are at least 2 years old and then only in a very well sheltered position. Division in spring[200].
Tolerates short periods of drought and direct sunlight, but it prefers bright filtered light[200]. Members of this genus are rarely if ever troubled by browsing deer[233].
E. Asia – Nepal to China.

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