Explore your relationships with others by exploring the needs and views of both parties. Think of your relationship with a specific person and ask your question. Select each card to turn it over, click on the title to learn more about any individual card.

Ten of Cups

Divine love, blissful relationships, harmony, alignment.

REVERSED: Disconnection, misaligned values, struggling relationships.


Authority, establishment, structure, a father figure

REVERSED: Domination, excessive control, lack of discipline, inflexibility

Knight of Swords

Ambitious, action-oriented, driven to succeed, fast-thinking

REVERSED: Restless, unfocused, impulsive, burn-out

The Star

Hope, Finding Your way, providence,

REVERSED: Feeling lost, Lack of faith, despair, self-trust, disconnection

The Magician

Manifestation, resourcefulness, power, inspired action

REVERSED: Manipulation, poor planning, untapped talents


Endings, change, transformation, transition, losing everything

REVERSED: Resistance to change, personal transformation, inner purging

Eight of Cups

Time to walk away? Disappointment, abandonment, withdrawal, escapism.

REVERSED: Trying one more time, indecision, aimless drifting

The World

Completion, integration, accomplishment, travel

REVERSED: Seeking personal closure, short-cuts, delays

Two of Swords

Difficult decisions, weighing up options, an impasse, avoidance

REVERSED: Indecision, confusion, information overload, stalemate

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