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Glory Flower (Clerodendrum bungei)

C. foetidum.
Common Name Latin Name Plant Family
Glory Flower
Clerodendrum bungei

None known

  • Medicinal Use

    A decoction of the leaves is applied externally as an anodyne, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, carminative[147, 218].

  • Edible Use

    None known

  • Cautionary Notes

    None known

Cultivation & Habitat

Seed – best sown as soon as possible in a greenhouse. Germination can be erratic but usually takes place within 20 – 60 days at 20¡c[164]. When large enough to handle, prick the seedlings out into individual pots and grow them on in the greenhouse for at least their first winter. Plant them out in late spring or early summer after the last expected frosts. Root cuttings, 6 – 8cm long, December in a greenhouse. High percentage[78]. Division of suckers in the dormant season. Very easy, they can be planted out direct into their permanent positions if required.
Succeeds in a sunny position in ordinary garden soil[1, 200] but prefers a fertile humus-rich well-drained soil[164, 200]. The soil must not be allowed to dry out in the growing season[1]. Requires a position sheltered from cold drying winds[1, 200]. Plants are hardy to about -10¡c[184], they can be cut to the ground in severe winters but usually resprout from the base, especially if they have been well mulched, they will then flower in late summer[11, 182, 200]. Plants succeed in an open position at Wisley in Surrey[11]. Spreads rapidly by suckers[11]. Flowers are produced on the current seasons growth[200]. They have a delicious scent[245]. The leaves are foetid when crushed[182].
E. Asia – China to N. India.

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