How Do Sigils Work?

Sigils are essentially like little seeds that are planted within the unconscious mind.

Many things enter the depths of our minds, but not all of them are placed there intentionally or take root. What gives sigils their power is the energy and intention behind them – and that is what helps them to sprout and blossom into manifestation. The symbolic nature of the sigil also helps bypass the rational (skeptical) mind and enter the unconscious where possibilities are endless.

As the language of the deep mind is symbolic, sigils basically ‘speak’ to your unconscious. How cool is that?

In order to to use a sigil as support and a solution for a particular situation, we primarily need to define the problem accurately and express our intentions clearly. The way sigils help clarify our intentions is the beginning of magick. The clearer and more accurately we identify the goal, the faster and more specific the result will be. 

2 ways to use Sigils: Focus OR Forget


When you have chosen a sigil you need (or it has chosen you), draw it (on paper, stone, wood – Kitty has even printed and framed sigils to place on her desk. use whatever method speaks to you to create this symbol.)

Keep it as close to your body as you can, more precisely, in the energy area surrounding your body (Aura). Put it in your pocket, purse, wallet, on your work desk, and in the evening under your pillow, so it will work more efficiently at your subconscious as you sleep. When we sleep, many of our body functions are asleep as well because of this energy in the body flows more easily. Using a specific sigil means that you have consciously opened yourself to the selected energy.

Take the sigil as often as possible in your hands and in your mind ask for its help and verbalize its intention a few times as you concentrate on what you want.

Your focus in effect becomes a prayer to the universe. Law of attraction believers lean toward this technique.


Many Sigil magick practitioners believe that once you create the sigil – again, you can draw it, paint it, print it, whatever works for you. You should spend some time charging it with your intention. Speak aloud the reason you chose this symbol and what you hope it will do for you.

Sounds a lot like focus, right? but here’s where it’s different.

This discipline believes you must then “release” the sigil to do its work. Destroy it however you need to. Often then burn it. This is when a sand sigil bowl comes in handy since you can simply wipe it away. (I suppose an etch a sketch would be a fun way to do this?) And then you must actively forget the sigil.

This is a really common basic technique in the sigil magick world, especially with practitioners that create their own sigils. So while it may seem unusual, especially if you are new to sigil magick, try it for yourself to see how it goes.

Which method speaks to you? Go with your heart. You are magickal.

Blessings, Kitty

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