Lilith is equated with a large variety of female demons, succubus entities, and is also the mother of birthing many demons or shadow creatures from lunar forces. This association encourages misogyny and subjugation, as the moon is merely a reflection of the Sun, rather than a being with its own light and connectin to Source.

Shedding the Moon Goddess

Humanity has been in a dark cycle of separation, which dedicated the female principle as made in the image of the Moon Goddess or Lilith, as the stages of being a woman were matched to the shadowy reflections and phases of Lunar light.

Being equated to the secondary reflection of the male solar light was the set up for descending the female image to be linked with monsters of darkness and hidden mystery, where the seeds of Misogyny on earth began. The fear of the spiritual womb power inherent in females was robbed through rape, humiliation, and menstrual disgrace.

These fears feed the Dark Witch Female archetypes, such as the Black Widow Mother promoted by the voodoo superstitions in the moon chain lineages. This hell spawn Mother would eat her young and decapitate her husband if she was not put in her place, kept barefoot and pregnant, and commandeered by her husband.

The “predator” movies are just another tired representation of a Vagina with Teeth that must be destroyed for the good of Mankind. Leave this low vibration in the past. Embrace your God Sovereign Self. 

The fear of menstruation as evil, dirty, or a punishment for sin, the fears of the female sexual organs swallowing up the male, are still being massively fueled by the dark ignorance promoted to subjugate women to the status of breeders or prostitutes. In many places in the world today, women are told the only life purpose they are good for is as broodmare or for the whims of male pleasure.

I AM not merely a reflection of another’s light. I AM God Sovereign Free in my Own Being. I Shine of my own Energy, my connection is DIRECT to the Source. I do not consent to subjugation.

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