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Murray Lily (Crinum flaccidum)

Common Name Latin Name Plant Family
Murray Lily
Crinum flaccidum

None known

  • Medicinal Use

    None known

  • Edible Use

    Root – cooked. Rich in starch[154, 177], it is a source of arrowroot[46, 61, 105, 144].

  • Cautionary Notes

    None known

Cultivation & Habitat

Seed – best sown as soon as it is ripe, placing 2 – 3 seeds in individual pots in a greenhouse. Do not cover the seed. Sow stored seed April/May in a warm greenhouse. Once they have germinated, you can thin each pot to just one plant if required, though we have not found this to be necessary. Give an occasional liquid feed to ensure that the plants do not suffer nutritional deficiencies. Grow them on in the greenhouse for at least their first 2 years, planting them out into their permanent positions in the spring. Division of offsets in April/May or in September. When divided in the spring, the bulbs can be planted out direct into their permanent positions, if done in September, however, they should be potted up and overwintered in the greenhouse.
Requires a rich well-drained soil in a sheltered sunny position[1, 42]. Plants are not very frost hardy and are unlikely to succeed outside the mildest areas of the country[1, 200]. Only plant out good sized bulbs and do so at the end of May, planting them quite deeply in the soil[1]. The bulbs are sensitive to transplanting and may take several years to establish[200]. They will require winter protection even in the mildest areas of the country, a good mulch of dry bracken might be sufficient[K]. Members of this genus are rarely if ever troubled by browsing deer or rabbits[233]. It is possible that other members of this genus will also provide edible bulbs[144].
Australia – New South Wales, South Australia.

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