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Old Witch Grass (Panicum capillare)

Common Name Latin Name Plant Family
Old Witch Grass
Panicum capillare

The grass can be made into brooms[257].

  • Medicinal Use

    An infusion of the leaves has been used as an emetic[257].

    An infusion of the plant has been used as a reducing aid when dieting[257].

  • Edible Use

    Seed – cooked whole or ground into a powder and used as a flour[257]. It is often mixed with corn[[161, 177]. The seed is very small and fiddly to use, it has a mild flavour and can be used like millet[K]. In the wild, the seed stem breaks off when the seed is ripe and then blows away in the wind, scattering the seed[236].

  • Cautionary Notes

    None known

Cultivation & Habitat

Seed – sow spring in a greenhouse and only just cover the seed. Germination should take place within a week. Prick out the seedlings into trays or individual pots and plant them out after the last expected frosts[200, K].
Requires a moderately fertile well-drained soil in full sun[200].
N. America – Nova Scotia to North Dakota, south to Florida and Texas. An occasional weed in Britain.

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