Yemaya, spirit of the sea, derives from Yorubaland, now part of modern Nigeria. Among the most significant of African-Diaspora deities, she is also beloved by goddess devotees. This altar incorporates colors and attributes associated with her.

Similar altars may be constructed to serve any sea spirit, adjusting details to suit that spirit’s preferences.

  1. First find an appropriate glass, chalice, or goblet, a crystal one embellished with marine motifs or a nice blue plastic one, reflecting Yemaya’s favorite color. The vessel may specifically reference Yemaya or just be beautiful, whatever you think best.
  2. Place sea glass, shells, beads, or charms evoking the sea inside the glass.
  3. Fill the glass with spring water; then add sea salt. (This saltwater is the only requirement; everything else in the glass is embellishment or offerings.)

Voila! You have an altar. Keep it clean and pretty, changing water and salt as desired, adding trinkets as inspired.

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