This site is a personal project that allows me to indulge in multiple passions:

Learning Tarot

Each time I create an entry, I must study multiple sources for meaning and information. I personally use the Gilded Tarot as my beginner deck. Cirro Marchetti is an artist that speaks to my soul. So that’s used here as the first example of each card. I include the Raider Waite image later in the entry, simply because it’s the “standard” for beginners and I learn much from the illustrations & meanings, even though I don’t find them beautiful.

My spreads have keyword hints in the card descriptions immediately visible to help beginners like me. I basically made my dream interactive tarot spread, because on most other sites or apps you have to look up the card separately or know it already. I also made the links to more card info open in a new window to prevent losing my spread (another issue I have with other sites; you lose the current spread if you follow links to know more)

Learning new code

I’ve been meaning for years to learn to use the pods system for creating custom WordPress post types. The various repeating fields needed in for each tarot card dataset are the perfect test case. I’m more likely to learn new code when I enjoy the data that must be entered in practice.


While the gilded tarot is my favorite commercial deck, details of the frame and the repeated decoration around the illustrations don’t hit home for me. So I took on the project of creating my own deck for personal use only. I am using the Gilded Tarot illustrations in each card, but created a new cover image, replaced the gems denoting arcana symbols as well as the frame to something that has personal importance to me.

Making each new card forces me to spend extended time with the artwork. This brings me joy and I learn the cards better in the process.

As I have been working on this digitally I’ve grown hungry for a tactile experience of the cards and decided I would love a tarot experience that feels more like rune stone reading. So I’ve been hand drawing simple symbols for each card that can be scratched or drawn into a stone or maybe engraved into wood discs. My intention is to create a set of stones that can be pulled from a bag, much like rune stone sets I had as a child. I named these images “fae marks” for various reasons related to my love of Faerie. Not least of which is I imagine these marks would be used by the fae themselves, carved into trees or mushrooms or stones for Magickal purposes.

That’s how I ended up with this site: as a project for fun, learning and personal growth.

This is a hobby site, I’m a total beginner, NOT a professional reader. If you are interested in a professional reader, stay tuned. I know a good one & I will invite her to offer her services in the future. I’d like to build some code that possibly screenshots your spread and emails it to her for a professional reading. 

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