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Affirmation for Male Witches

I am the boy

I see the world with childlike wonder. I tap a delightful rhythm with my stick. I am in reverence of life around me, learning, playing, and finding my way

I am the Man

I walk the Earth with my staff at the ready; to Protect, Create, and Gather what she has to give. I hold the lives I help create within my own arms, looking to the Stag in the distance

I am the Elder

My Staff, now a Wand. My Strenght of Body, Now of Words. My speed given up for wisdom. I pass my stories to those who wish to listen and learn.

I am the God

I am the Creator of life and Giver of Strength, Endurance, and Wisdom. I am spoken of in Games, Hunts, and Circles of Elders. I am the Power called upon in rituals with which your will be done.

I am the Witch

I am the Boy, Man, Elder, and God
As Above me, So Below me. So Mote it be.