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Aggressive Protection: Witches’ Bottle

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Many witches hide witch bottles in cupboards or private spaces. I leave mine on display and shake it to make noise and drive away evil when my house needs clearing. Follow your heart here.


Place the following ingredients in a bottle.

  • used pins and needles from sewing projects
    to psychically prick negative energy and drive it away
  • dried or fresh rosemary
    Rosemary proclaims the authority of the Woman of the house
  • Pine needles
    Pines protect “their own” – be sure to use needles from a tree who knows and loves you. And ask permission before you take any needles
  • Purple (black) clover
    Celtic Witches use black clover to see malevolent spirits
  • Black pepper
    to confuse your enemies
  • A fresh blackberry
    Legend says that vampires are drawn to and will get distracted counting the seeds in blackberry 
  • Thorns (Blackberry, raspberry, thistle, whatever appeals to you)
    to psychically prick negative energy and drive it away
  • Fresh cedar bark
    Cedar declares sacred space. Be sure to ask the tree for permission before you take any and do NOT take a large strip from the full circumference of any tree – this will kill a tree
  • Moss
    Signifies perseverance – you can stand strong in the face of negative energy 
  • Pour Wine or Vinegar over these ingredients.

Close the bottle tightly. Shake the bottle so that it makes noise as you say

“Pins, needles, Rosemary, Pine,
in this witches bottle of mine,
Pierce negative energy
banish malevolent chemistry
I am the authority in this place,
Those who would harm me (or mine) are allowed no space here.”

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