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Alainn Tarot, Updated Cards; Fresh Color, Better Storytelling.

I’ve made some improvements to some illustrations since your purchase and am committed to making sure you get our customers always have access to the latest card styles for free.  Click here for your printable PDF of updated cards.

What’s changed?

  • Coming Alive With Color
    • While gilded line art forms the foundation of Alainn Tarot, we’ve filled in some details; our Queens have come alive with color. We hope you like the new emphasis on the solidness of our Queens (and Empress) as full characters.
  • Crowns
    • All our Kings and Queens now have Crowns, emphasizing their status.
  • Better Story Telling
    • The Sun – we added a sense of blessing and abundance with some decadent food and wine
    • The four of Cups – We’re telling the story “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence” in a fresh and funny way.
    • Page of Pentacles –The bartender image it didn’t quite account she was ready for bigger & better thing in business; a key idea page of Pentacles. Instead, we used the iconic symbol of a young entrepreneur: a Lemonade stand.
    • Five of Swords – Bringing a Gun to a knife fight has a brighter, more updated image
    • Six of Cups – we replaced the generic family photo album with real childhood photos of the artist (and her big brother) we hope it brings you smiles and nostalgia as you are reminded of your own happy memories.
    • 9 of wands – we’ve all watched a software install seem to take forever and feared it would not complete… We’ve updated the imagery from Dos to Windows 10.
    • 8 of Swords – We wanted to make it clear that our self-made victim truly has the power to remove her “problems”. So we changed the character from a child to a grown-ass woman who can handle herself, thank you very much.