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Algiz  (Protection) 

Pronunciation –  al-geez

Meanings – protection or defense of your sanctuary or home, elk or moose antlers, instinct

Interpretations – Algiz shows that you are safe from harm or threats but that it’s essential to remain vigilant and clear-headed. This runic symbol is a mighty force that aids in buffering hostile powers from affecting your reality in the physical world. Remember that preemptive actions and strategy are the only absolute protection to safeguard yourself and those you love. Keep in mind that you never truly lose because a lesson is always gained.

This is about the control of emotions. During transition periods, changing the course of life, and accelerated self-change, it is important not to rush into emotions, either positive or negative. Remember that early action and right conduct are the only real protection. No matter whether your business flourishes or fades, don’t worry. Maybe you don’t win, but you will never lose because you will always learn from what has happened. Moderation and civility are the strengths of the protective forces of this rune. 

If reversed – it may be a signal that you’ve been too lax and need to be more vigilant. Do not become stressed or anxious because this can cloud your vision. However, this may be an excellent time to slow down and practice self-care emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally to maintain clarity.

Inscriptions – Protection and safety of self or property from negative people and energies