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The Alainn tarot is a female-centric deck in which the fool is referred to as “she” in the accompanying Fool’s Journey

This modern, often witchy deck is rich with references to pop culture as well as historical and literary figures, [“the boombox scene” from “Say Anything” stands in for the Knight of Cups, and Oscar Wilde represents the Page of Cups] There are even a few fun scientific references to Quantum physics, Einstien and Copernicus. [Schrödinger ‘s Cat illustrates the double-edged quality of the Ace of Swords, while Copernicus’s innovative leadership depicts the King of Wands]

The images are eclectic, derived from a broad and diverse range of sources chosen to intuitively illustrate Rider Waite based meanings for each card; The artist’s choices will surprise and delight you.

The mixed images from cart to card still form a cohesive whole through consistent illustration style based on gold and silver line art. These illustrations are striking against the black damask background.

Alainn Tarot is the primary deck used in this website. See all 78 Cards here:

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