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How to make Cascarilla Powder

Cascarilla powder is a magickal ingredient with amazing protective abilities, made of one simple ingredient: powdered eggshells and has been used in the Hoodoo tradition and Santeria for protection and cleansing. The powder is often spread around the inside or outside of the house to protect the space. Cascarilla has two primary abilities: to expel negative energy in all its forms and to create a barrier between the natural and supernatural realms. It’s roots can be traced back to the native traditions of West Africa.

1. Clean eggshells thoroughly making sure that you remove the membrane and leave them to dry

2. Once the eggshells are completely dry, place the eggshells in a mortar and pestle (or you could even use a rock on concrete for this part).

3.  Grind the eggshells until you have a fine, fine powder.  Be prepared to put in a lot of elbow grease for this part – it can take a while!