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Foraging Season

Spring is coming! I am getting so excited, daydreaming about local food and herbal foraging for my family’s nutrition and my apothecary supplies. Purslane is on that’s freely available in my yard <3. 

I plan to gather the following local “weeds” this year using paper bags to store and dry them and then storing them long term in powder form: Purslane, Plantain & Lambs quarter.  

I will save these dried whole for teas and herbal recipes: Red Clover, Catsfoot, Marigold, Echinacea, Forsythia

I don’t pick and store pine needles; I just gather those fresh whenever I want to make Pine tea.   

I plan on learning more about gathering burdock and nettles, but those will be completely new to me on my “to learn” list.