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Freshly fallen snow from Pine Tree

The forgiveness & fresh start of new-fallen snow with all the amazing qualities of pine: healing, forgiveness, protection, exorcism, safety, warmth, perseverance.

Ways to use this element

  • Tea (be wise and sure there is no air pollution in the snow you collect for this purpose)
  • Water for an ionic oil diffuser. Use eucalyptus oil to spiritually and physically cleanse the air.
  • Boil with pine needles in the melted snow for a steam smudge. Carry the hot pot as you walk through your house, allowing the steam to cleanse the air.
  • Wash water for a fresh start and spiritual as well as physical cleaning of your home.
  • Add to a bath to soak in forgiveness and protection

As always, take only what resonates with your heart and higher self, and leave the rest behind.