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Gebo (Love)

a Partnership, a Gift

Pronunciation – gay-boh

If this rune is pulled, that is a sign that unity, union, or partnership is near.  But you are requested, not to throw yourself into this connection.  A true partnership can only consist of two independent, healthy beings, that preserve their own independence also in this union. This advice is important at all levels: in romantic relationships, in commercial things, simply in partnerships of every type.

Meanings – Unity, kindness, or gifts – indicating balance and harmony through generosity, forgiveness, or self-sacrifice.

Interpretations – can indicate or symbolize a connection between two people – the giver and the recipient. Gebo can mean that you are about to receive a gift physically or emotionally, depending on context and circumstances. It can also mean that you should contemplate your contributions and self-sacrifice. Are you holding back or giving too freely to those who may be taking advantage? With Gebo, it’s crucial to be mindful of balance in relationships, whether it’s romantic, friendship or business.

If reversed – cannot be reversed

Inscriptions – Love (physically or emotionally) and all types of relationships