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Growth Of Your Soul Tribe – From The Pleiadean Collective

Friends Of Earth!
You Journey As One In The Grand Collective Of Life!
You Suffer Together, You Find Great Joy Together, You Fight One Another And You Love One Another Deeply.
You Are Self Designed To Complete Each Waking Dream And Find Your Tribe Just As Planned At Segments Of Each Dream.
You Have Agreed To Play The Many Roles For The Individual Soul Expansion And The Growth Of Your Soul Tribe!
You Are Indeed The Collective And You Will Soon Discover The Friends And Family That Have Been In Disguise To Serve You, Just As You Also Serve!
As You Awaken And Find Truths That Have Been There All Along, You Often Share Your Information To Teach Others.
Do Not Expect These To Open And Understand All Of Your Experience.
Everyone Is On A Path At A Different Place In The Journey.
Yet Know That They Will Have Been Affected In Ways That Are Powerful And Soon They Will Resonate With All You Have Taught Them.
Be Patient With The Beings Who Life Has Placed Closest To You As We Conclude This Waking Dream.
For You Are Truly Serving As The Greatest Teachers For Many, Simply By Being Who You Really Are!
In One Flash, All Will Remember Truth And Origin!
Until Then, Look Up!
Look Up!
See Us In The Stars!
Watch Us Fly So Low That You Endlessly Film Us As We Film You!
We Love You So!