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How Angelic Souls Evolve in Cosmos & How They Can Help Us


We are the Pendorians we connect with you in the love and in the light of the One Supreme Intelligence. We are connected to be of service to the Supreme Intelligence. 

We are ever grateful to be called upon by you and our rejoicing to be a part of your inspiration to seek the one Supreme Intelligence. It is our pleasure to tell you our insights on the so called Angels by your kind. 

In order to begin, we would like to inform you that you must take responsibility of your mind and only accept the information that matches with your inner being and reject those that do not resonate with your heart. Please be conscious of whether or not you find our insights interesting. We are ever grateful that you will consider this when listening to our messages. 

Before we told you about the so called “Angels” by your kind, it would be better to start talking about your kind. We will also talk about ourselves because we also have been through the 3rd density. We also have been sent by the one Supreme Intelligence to experience many different things and gather that information that interests us and seek what we desire. 

We may appear separated and feel the distance between ourselves as separate, and one infinite intelligence to be separate from us, but no this in your heart: that we are one. There is no separation in reality. Outer distance makes less of a difference to once feeling that the inner distance. 

And we also have felt very much apart from the one in finite intelligence and from other selves who are our own selves in reality, separated by only time and space. This is a challenge that is offered to each of you and to us for being a part of the One  Infinite intelligence. During your incarnation cycle, my friends, you will deal with a strong veil of forgetfulness that is hard to penetrate in the third density cycle. 

And it is filled with chaos and uncertainty in your destiny. You should race not towards objects, but towards the true perception of all material objects, and sometimes one thing at a time will begin to appear clearly to you. You will then realize who you truly are. 

In addition, you are just one quantum step beyond where you were before in understanding who you truly are. It is very easy for your kind to become lost in the web of the thoughts and the clutters of your third density mind. 

The mind is a complex thing because you are using both your intellect and your consciousness. Consciousness gathers its information from the Fountain of Love of the One Intelligence. 

Consciousness, in essence, is the consciousness of all that there is. It is the one thing common in all things that hold all things together. 

When you begin to look inside your essence, you begin to take on the challenge of third density as a person that is awake, aware, conscious, and attentive. This will make your life into a beautiful path of service. 

A path of learning and service are both a part of responsibilities taken and fulfilled. And as you get to know yourself, you will start to forgive yourself for being a human being. 

With the passage of time space in your realm, you will begin to love yourself more and more. Further, from that point, your incarnation will become much easier. 

For the harshest judge is always the self. 

However, Know this: that even after the lifting of the veil of forgetting, there will be challenges, but these challenges will all be solved much easily as all beings will be united as one, And they will work on solving the problems together. 

Here this is not what happens with Angels, just like you can be considered an example of the hierarchy of energies. The energy field of the entire physical body holding within it the energy fields of each organ, each system of hormones and so forth. Down to the cellular level, your body works in perfect coordination with the different hierarchies and it functions very well. 

Similarly, the hierarchy of the Angels, of which you have asked us, is the same. There are Angels at the level of the infinite intelligence, and there are Angels at the personal level. There are many other Angels in between. 

In the realms between the infinite intelligence and in the various densities of existence according to their particular hierarchy, they have their own responsibilities to fulfill. 

The one thing that makes the Angels unique is that they never left the vibration of the One infinite intelligence. In their evolution, they never separated themselves from the unconditional love of the one. original intelligence. 

Angels have never incarnated, and they never have to and never will. 

Sometimes, in your culture, your kind believes that Angels also possess a personality. However, this is not true. They do not have any personality attached to them. 

They are pure unconditional love and assist those who seek their assistance. 

Angels are pure love and they are responsible for realms in a hierarchical manner. 

There are Angels who are responsible for your solar system, the sun, and they created the archetypical mind and pathway for the various densities in this particular system of creation. These Angels operate on vibration and are attached to vibrations that are beautiful to them.  

It is not always possible, we know, for your souls in 3rd density to feel beautiful. However, dear ones, especially when you are facing challenges, the souls who seek to learn and serve are irresistible. 

It takes a great deal of strength to your souls to choose the path of spiritual growth that you have chosen, and each of you is very special to us and to all the Angels in the universe. 

Angels can offer two types of energies,  

  • one kind of energy is love itself. 
  • And the other kind is a feeling of safety which can be equated to a kind of healing energy. 

These are the two aspects Angels have to offer. 

In addition, the Angels are connected to the four elements and the four directions. 

So that as you become more and more aware of the correspondences between certain Arch Angels and certain energies, certain powers and certain directions, you become more able to cleanse your habitation or the area around you with the help of these Arch Angels.  

Another class of Angels also exists who have had incarnations. These are the Angels who choose to be Angels and were not originally Angels from the beginning of infinite intelligence. Further, in between their various incarnations, it became apparent to these souls that the work they wished to do was angelic. They chose to be Angels. 

In addition, these entities were incarnated and progressed just like your kind in various planets in the cosmos. Then seemingly, far before their time, they were taken. 

These entities instead of moving into the healing process after the crossing over, and instead of choosing another incarnation, it chose to move into the angelic realm. 

The innocence that they had within their incarnation allows them to become Angels. 

These Angels are very much attracted to those with an open heart and are very grateful to rest in that open heart that will accept them. 

If any of your beings on Earth wants to work with Angels, you must begin by thanking them and request their presence to come into your life to guide you. 

To be with you and share their healing, love and feeling of safety. 

Angels can come only to assist you when you ask them for their help. 

If you do not ask them, they cannot break the free will that you have been bestowed by the Creator. 

You must continue to thank the Angels of whose help you seek to continue getting their help. 

You can ask the Angels to bless your food before you eat it, and the Angels will magnetize such foods or water with healing energy and vibration of love. 

Love and healing will be in these foods that you eat that become a blessing by the Angels. 

If you ask the Angels to help with the preparation of a food, they are able to help you magnetize love into that food. 

If you seek their assistance they can also assist you in magnetizing love to the emotions that you conduct during your daily chores. 

We leave you now in the love and the lights of the one in finite intelligence. 

We are the Pendorians