This technique was shared in April 2021 by Metatron Galactic Services. I always giggle when they refer to The Source as the “Great Programmer” and I really like their generous kindness. They, as a collective, think in terms of computer programming and this is a “program” to connect our physical selves to the Light Grid.

Find a spot outside in nature, or in a safe place where you won’t be bothered by others or EMF energy.

You will need 2 skills: the ability to breathe, and the ability to count. I’m pretty sure you are awesome at both and will be able to connect with your higher self easily. 🙂

Take a long, deep, cleansing breath. Exhale through your mouth.

  • Breathe in Green love light through your heart chakra.
  • Exhale stress and negative energies.

Now, quiet your mind and listen to your heartbeat. if it’s difficult to hear, use your finger on your wrist to feel the pulse or any other way that resonates with you. Once you find a way to know it, count those heartbeats. this first time, count to 5.

Take another deep long cleansing breath

Count 10 heartbeats. (breathe normally and calmly as you are counting)

Deep Breath

Count 20 heartbeats

Deep Breath

Count 30 heartbeats

Deep Breath

Count 40 heartbeats

Deep Breath

Count 50 heartbeats

Focus on nothing but the counting of your heartbeats. you will feel your mind begin to calm. the 2nd track of your mind, the one that sings songs all day or thinks random thoughts, or works out a problem, will begin to disappear around now, if not earlier. 

Deep Breath

Count 60 heartbeats

Deep Breath

Count 70 heartbeats

Deep Breath

Count 80 heartbeats

Deep Breath

Count 90 heartbeats

Deep Breath

Count 100 heartbeats

Congratulations! you will feel the connection to the planetary light grid, just as if you plugged yourself into an outlet. Stay here as long as you like. Your higher self will be there to greet you. You may ask it direct questions, and it will answer, allowing you to learn in a Q&A format, or you may simply keep yourself open to learning whatever information downloads to you at this time. 

Blessings, Beloveds.

©2021 Alainn Tarot


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