Use muscular resistance to discover how you really think and feel, vs how your conscious mind tells you that you “should” think or feel, or how you present yourself to others or wish you were.


touch your index finger to your thumb (like the ok symbol) while linking the circles together. When you pull outward to try and separate them the pressure will be on the inner curve of your index fingers.
  • if you ask yourself a question, a yes answer will keep the link strong.
  • a no answer will weaken the link and you will be easily able to separate your hands.

Why the science of the unconscious matters

Magick is a real thing, governed by actual laws of nature. Rocks, minerals, elements all have vibrational energy. Magick works, because it taps into those energies, regardless of who uses it. We like to use science with magick to help witches visualize realities.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

“Magick is just science that we don’t understand yet”

We hope these truths help affirm for your the reality of the magick you experience on your journey in witchcraft. It’s REAL.

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