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Stinging Nettle Tincture. The Ditch Weed with Vidocin Like Muscle Relaxing Effects

Yesterday I was able to harvest stinging nettle from a family farm backyard weed section that nobody in the family but me truly values 😀 

Of course, I used gloves. I then placed the fresh leaves in a jar and used scissors to cut the leaves right in the jar, covered with Vodka. Tinctures take 2-3 weeks to cure, I leave mine to cure for a year sometimes, only cracking into them when needed. I personally believe they are stronger for sitting longer. 

Strain the resulting tincture into small dark dropper bottles, with cheesecloth to get all the fine hairs out of the vodka. When you get to the end, be sure to squeeze the leaves too to get every last drop of tincture. 

Nettle is a nutrient-dense herb, rich in easily-assimilated vitamins A, C, D, and K, as well as calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and sulfur.

It is well known as a uterine tonic and also strengthens kidneys and adrenals (thanks to the abundance of vitamins and minerals). Nettle is said to have the highest chlorophyll content of any plant, making it an excellent food.

The calcium content makes it an excellent herb to take for easing leg cramps and muscle spasms. The Calcium, combined with natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory action, produces muscle relaxation and effects similar to Vicodin without the negative side effects. 

Nettle’s calcium content also affects the uterus, helping to diminish pain during and after birth.

Nettle is also a good home remedy for hemorrhoids – its astringency will help tighten and strengthen blood vessels and reduce this problem.

This wondrous herb is also helpful in battling seasonal allergies. We’ve used nettle tincture with success for hayfever.

Nettle tincture is most helpful for allergies when 2 droppers full are taken for more than 30 days, however, you can up the dose to 3-4 droppers full at a time for acute allergy symptoms and quick relief.