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Raidho (big picture)

Pronunciation – rye-though

Meanings – journey (physical or spiritually), seeing the bigger picture, change, reunions, travel, represents the wagon wheel

Interpretations – If your trip is physical, this is a good sign. However, if your journey is spiritual, you need to be adaptable, see the right move for you to make, and do it. Focus on the experience, not the destination. Some interpretations reference the return of old friends or the appearance of those you made a soul pact with before coming to this life. Other variations believe the wagon wheel is representing the seasonality of nature or the Wheel of the Year. Recognize that seasons can be abundant or can wane. If you are feeling low, remember that you will not feel this way forever, and beautiful, joyous days are ahead of you.

If reversed – Physical journey can mean disruption or delays. Plans may go off course but remember, sometimes this can lead you to new opportunities and lessons. It’s essential to remain open-minded. Spiritually it can also mean stagnation, so it’s time to push through any agitation or delusion you may be avoiding so you can flourish. Regarding reunions, it can tell you are obstructing, and you need to re-evaluate your attitude and behaviors.  

Inscriptions – Safe travel, intuition assistance or spiritual guidance