Green tea brings an abundance of sunshine and summer inside. The tannins dissolve oxidized lipids, (think sticky fats that don’t just rinse away with water) and imparts youth, health, longevity, love, and passion.

Brew very strong green tea, soak a washcloth in the hot tea, and wipe down counters, floors, dust shelves, anywhere you can reach. As it evaporates it will rejuvenate your home.

When it has cooled, take a fresh (not dirty wash used tea) batch and fill a spray bottle. Add lemon juice if you are so inclined. Spray carpets, fabric couches, curtains, anything that cannot be taken down and washed. This dissolves and releases lipids that have built up from our own skin or greases that landed from cooking. If you can, open windows to bring in the fresh air. If it’s winter, a negative energy clearing steam smudge with the steam from boiling pine needle water will also do nicely.

This is a nice spell to

  • help banish the claustrophobic atmosphere that can come with being cooped up in the cold winter,
  • or to clear recently recovered sickness or depression,
  • or to get your home unstuck when ennui has settled in.

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