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How to Read Runes

  • For any question, you can cast a handful or bag of Runes and read the meaning of the runes that land face up only.
  • You may cast them into a circle (drawn with chalk or as a pattern on a cloth). Read the runes that land inside the circle AND face up.
  • If The Eye (Witches Rune) or Tiwaz (Elder Futhark) appears amongst the runes when cast, pay extra attention to where the eye is looking or Tiwaz is pointing.
  • Pro Tip: You can also use runes just as you would the Tarot, with ANY tarot spread. Simply pull one at a time from your bag to fill the layout.

*while Witches’ and Elder Futhark are different sets of runes, (just as English and Gaelic are different languages) I use mine together;  my rune casts are “bilingual”. I have made the same choice in my online rune layouts. Alainn Tarot interactive includes both sets at the same time. 

Witches' Runes

Much of the power in witches’ runes lies in intuitive clarity. They are pictures that clearly look like what they mean, empower “knowing” without clutter. Hover over each image for definition. 

Elder Futhark Runes

Elder Futhark is an alphabet and has a more extensive written tradition of definitions. Their meanings are not always as immediately intuitive, especially in comparison to the pictorial language of witches’ runes. For this reason, Elder Futhark runes have individual entries on this site with more detailed information. Use the sidebar menu or the learn more link as you hover over each image.