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Self Defense (protection, banishment) Lock

  • A solid padlock (keyed, not combination) –
  • A small piece of leather (2-3 inches)
  • Silver marker
  • Something sharp, like a leather awl
  • Super glue
  • (Optional black paint)
  1. using your silver marker, identify the target on the piece of leather.
    This can be a person
    A fear, or an addiction, or situation, anything you wish to lock up.
  2. Add any sigils if desired.
  3. Fold the leather in half
  4. Pierce the folded leather through the center to make a hole. Don’t use a hole punch, it has to be pierced with something pointed.
  5. Put the hasp of the lock through the holes,  (there will be 2 holes because it was folded in half) and lock the lock.
  6. Pour super glue into the keyhole.
  7. Hold the lock by the hasp until it dries, (optionally painting the lock black)
  8. Now bury the lock, or dispose of it however you see fit,
  9. dispose of the key separately, ensuring that they never meet.