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UPRIGHT: Divine love, blissful relationships, harmony, alignment.

REVERSED: Disconnection, misaligned values, struggling relationships.

The Ten of Cups embodies happiness, joy, and emotional contentment, particularly in your relationships and family. You have created an abundance of love and happiness in your life, and you now share this love with others, expanding your heart even more. This card often appears when you are surrounded by your loved ones with whom you share a powerful and deep connection. You appreciate and support one another, and together, you help each other reach your highest potential. It brings you so much joy to see your loved ones succeed and live happy lives.

The Ten of Cups is the ‘happy family’ card, suggesting that your family relationships are harmonious and loving right now. No one is fighting or causing any tension; all family members are getting along with each other and sharing in the love and happiness that surrounds you. This card may appear in a reading when you are spending more time with family, perhaps on a holiday, reunion or event, where you can rest and relax together, creating fun and happy family memories and strong bonds.

The Ten of Cups is a positive card for romantic relationships and may indicate either a new and blissful relationship or a long-term commitment, such as engagement, marriage or starting a family together. You share an everlasting love and may believe that you are soul mates destined to be with one another.

When the Ten of Cups pops up in a Tarot reading, you have a sense of wholeness, completion, and alignment in your relationships with others. You are experiencing an idyllic state of peace, harmony and love where your dreams and wishes have come true. Take a moment to step back and appreciate everything you accomplished. You created a life of connection and bliss by following your heart and trusting your intuition.

The Ten of Cups encourages you to follow your heart and trust your intuition to lead you to the opportunities aligned with your Highest Good. Your feelings and emotions will guide you. When something feels fantastic, do more of it; and when something doesn’t feel right, do less of it. Allow your inner guidance to lead the way. Seek out opportunities that fulfil you and align with your personal values instead of following the path that others expect you to take.


When the reversed Ten of Cups card appears in a Tarot reading, you are seeking greater harmony and connection in your relationships. In your mind, you had wished for a beautiful, harmonious relationship, but in reality, you feel disconnected and disengaged from your loved one. It may seem as if something is missing, and you’re struggling to communicate honestly, empathize, and engage with one another. Each time you try to connect, something goes wrong, and you end up with even more distance between you. You may have unrealistic expectations of the relationship: that everything will be perfect and rosy every minute you are together. If this resonates, then realign your expectations and realize that every relationship has its ups and downs. Or, you may no longer be a fit for each other, in which case you may consider leaving.

The Ten of Cups invites you to seek out common ground with your loved ones and rebuild the relationship from there. See the other person as a Divine Being worthy of your love; and equally, see yourself as a Divine Being worthy of theirs. Love and be loved. Open the lines of communication and be ready to hold space for one another so you can reconnect on a deeper, more loving level. Be compassionate, understanding, and respectful, and seek harmony with one another.

The reversed Ten of Cups can also appear when you are contemplating what a loving relationship means for you. Rather than building relationships with others, you are focusing your attention inward so you can gain clarity around what you want from a relationship. Ask yourself what an ideal relationship looks like to you and how you want to give and receive love. Consider how you can bring more of this energy into your future relationships. You may look at your existing relationships and check-in to see how these relationships align with your desires. Let go of any that no longer bring you fulfillment and happiness, and welcome in new relationships in alignment with your Highest Good.

The Ten of Cups reversed can reveal a misalignment of personal values. You are not living by your own values, nor are you being true to yourself. Instead, you are allowing others to decide what will and will not make you happy when you know you should determine that for yourself. As a result, you are questioning whether you believe in what you are doing. Bring your focus back to what truly makes you happy even if it differs from what others expect.

Finally, the reversed Ten of Cups may suggest that you are neglecting your family while you pursue more material goals such as progressing your career or making more money. Your work-life balance is out of whack, and you are spending less and less quality time with your family. If you continue to neglect your family, you’ll find that relationships will suffer and you may not achieve an overall sense of contentment and happiness as planned.