wanted to share with you my personal experience with the magick of willow tea, and my growing connection with Angerona. Recently, I lived in constant pain. Headaches were my normal, migraines were semi-regular. Last Wednesday I began drinking willow tea daily and learning patience and silence from Angerona as I communed with her.
I have not had a headache for a week now. The relief is unbelievable. And when I do experience a twinge of pain, it is from a discernible cause (like a muscle cramp) vs all-encompassing diffuse pain that never goes away.
This relates to what I’m learning from Angerona about calm and silence. Instead of always on edge, therefore overreacting when a reaction is legit, I’m practicing NOT reacting when it’s not required. Which resets my levels, (pain wise and emotionally) to a lower baseline and gives me more room to react appropriately in the moment, identifying the cause & moving on from it.

Can you see the connection between the two? Blessings on your journey.

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