Chew raw ginger or drink ginger tea before doing any magickal work to increase your own spiritual energy which will, in turn, make the spell more successful.

Ginger is considered an aphrodisiac, so use it in love spells to do with passionate love.

It will also help to increase your confidence so drink a little ginger tea before heading out on a date that you might be nervous about.

Burn Dried ginger to cleanse your home or tools. It keeps away malevolent energy and drives out negative spirits as well as negativity you are feeling yourself.

Using ginger in abundance and prosperity spells is wonderful. The magickal properties of ginger have a particular affinity with manifesting abundance and warding away poverty. Invite good fortune into your home by keeping a small ginger plant in a pot.

Use the magickal properties of ginger to boost the strength of any other ingredients you’re working with.


Deities – Hecate, Ameretat, Artemis

Zodiac – Aries

Planet – Mars

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine

Crystals – Citrinecarnelian, pyrite and garnet


Passion, Love, money, healing, luck, energy, protection

Health Benefits

Ginger is considered safe to consume in reasonable quantities. It’s on the FDAS “generally recognized as safe” list. It does interact with some medications, so if you are taking anticoagulants or heart medication in particular, definitely check with your doctor before consuming ginger as a health tonic.

Ginger is very high in a substance called “gingerol” which is why it’s so high in antioxidants and is what makes ginger such a powerful anti-inflammatory aid.

Ginger can be consumed in all its forms, although it’s thought that consuming it raw gives the most health benefits.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Helps to reduce gas
  • Helps ease nausea
  • A great remedy for seasickness
  • Might help muscle pain in the long term
  • May help to ease the symptoms of colds and flu
  • May help those suffering from osteoarthritis
  • May lower blood sugars
  • May improve oral health
  • May help to treat chronic indigestion
  • May help to relieve menstrual pain
  • May lower cholesterol
  • May help to protect against Alzheimer’s disease
  • May improve brain function
  • Helps to fight infection

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