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Torn Assunder

 This is a dark spell that is intended to break up a relationship.
  • A piece of red yarn
  • A piece of black yarn
  • A dry chicken bone
    A larger bone (like from a drumstick) will work well, just let it dry out for a couple of weeks or it may not work.
  1. Tie the red yarn to one end and the black yarn to the other. Don’t tie the strings to each other, just to the bone.
  2. Grip either end in each hand and repeat  “Break is broken, spell is spoken”
  3.  Say their names out loud 3 times and snap the bone in half. If the bone isn’t dry enough, it will just bend.
The bone must snap cleanly for the spell to work. If it doesn’t break, don’t try again with the same bone. Instead, Bury the bone and wait until you have a new one for another attempt.  If it snaps as it should keep the two pieces always far away from each other. Their relationship will start to suffer soon.