Tornado dreams are indicative of confused thinking, emotional problems, or anxiety.

This is because tornadoes are typically made up of air or water. The air in a dream relates to our thoughts whereas water is linked to emotions. The chaotic nature of a tornado in a dream indicates change.

However, tornado dreams can also signal a warning to you from your subconscious. Sometimes we are so caught up in life we don’t realise that our mental health is suffering. Recurring tornado dreams should, therefore, be a warning to you from your psyche. Your subconscious is prodding you in your dreams to help to recognise that you need to seek help.

So the main interpretation we can take from dreams about tornadoes is that they relate in some way to your mental health. You might have been worrying about a situation and feel hopeless and unable to tackle it.

In these cases, your dream is asking you to stop worrying and start being more positive. It is telling you that the tornado is not the thing to be scared of. The tornado represents your escalating worries and uncontrolled thoughts. So you shouldn’t be afraid of the actual tornado. Instead, see it as a warning that relates to how you are handling a particular situation.

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