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Variscite (Impression Jasper)

KEY WORDS     Inner peace, love and compassion, alignment of the physical and Light bodies, simplicity, clarity, emotional healing


CHAKRAS Heart (4th)

Variscite is a hydrous aluminum phosphate mineral with a hardness of 4 to 5. Its crystal system is orthorhombic, and it occurs mainly in concretionary or massive habits, although it sometimes forms in veins, or as crusts. The color is varying shades of green. It forms where phosphate-rich water has altered rocks rich in aluminum. Variscite is found in Utah in the USA (one of its other names is Utahlite) and can also be found in Nevada, USA, as well as Queensland, Australia.

Variscite is immediately soothing, bringing peace to the heart and tranquillity to the mind. When one holds or wears one of these stones, the Light body is brought into alignment and congruence with the physical self. This creates the sensation of serenity, in which one is joyful and at peace with All-That-Is.

Variscite is an excellent stone to be worn or carried by those who feel ‘stressed out,’ since the alignment with the Light body opens the channels through which one can release all internal disharmonies into the Light. Variscite is cleansing to the auric field, and this can have the effect of precipitating cleansings in the physical body. This is because of the idea of resonance, which is central to the use of stones for all metaphysical purposes.

Variscite’s vibration is harmonious with the human energy field and has a wholesome influence upon it. It both clears the field and connects it with the physical world through the body. It closely matches the pattern of the Earth’s energy field, so it can provide a resonant link between the human being and the Earth. In the course of this, the body, which is at the threshold between the Earth and the spiritual domain, has almost no choice but to move into alignment with the harmonious energies above and below.

Variscite brings about a strong activation and stabilization of the heart chakra. This not only generates positive emotional states but also helps one establish them as one’s normal way of being. Instead of seeing joy as a peak experience, it can become a way of life. In emotional healing, Variscite lends courage to the heart, so one can face the past without fear. This clarity and strength of heart are the essence of emotional healing, and when they have been established, examining and releasing one’s old wounds is simply a matter of processing.

Variscite helps one to appreciate simplicity and let go of unnecessary complications. It allows one to discharge unhealthy emotional obsessions and self-destructive habits. This stone has a way of calming and clarifying one’s thoughts and feelings so one can see the simple solutions to problems that may have been hanging on for years. It encourages one to take the steps necessary to change unhealthy patterns.

It is less a stone of stimulation and excitement and more a reservoir of quiet, positive energy that helps one value and care for oneself in the simplest, most sensible ways.

As a stone of prosperity, Variscite is strong and helpful in terms of helping one make sure there is always ‘enough,’ but it doesn’t go overboard. Its vibrational tendency toward balance and simplicity keeps one from creating unnecessary surpluses as effectively as it helps one to banish lack. Yet for those who seem unable to get their financial boats on an even keel, Variscite can be a helpful ally.

Variscite works harmoniously with Tsavorite, Uvarovite and Moldavite. These three together would make a powerful combination for manifesting abundance. Variscite also combines well with Chrysoprase, Danburite, Rose Quartz, and Pink Calcite.

Variscite is a Water element ally that encourages unity of hearts. It is a powerful activation stone for the heart chakra and can be used to stimulate one’s compassion and love for others.

Variscite’s energy can help unite disparate types of people through the common bond of love. It can be used to help smooth relationships with others whom one finds difficult or who may hold beliefs wildly different from one’s own. It is a stone of true community, in that it encourages everyone to live and work together, no matter their differences.

Variscite helps one release judgmental thoughts, words, or attitudes. It can assist one in recognizing where one is placing conditions on one’s love or acceptance of another, and therefore upon oneself. Variscite can be utilized with its cousin, Turquoise, to enable one to perceive where one is lacking in self-love and acceptance and to heal one’s perception of self.


Variscite helps one calm and center the mind, so one can attune to the ‘still small voice within.’ It enhances one’s conscience, so one can align one’s life more fully with truth. It is an expansive stone that assists one in connecting with the frequency of Universal Love.


Variscite opens the heart and allows one to love oneself more fully. It helps individuals recognize where their judgments of others are reflecting their own self-judgment and the conditions they place upon their love.


Variscite promotes the higher functions of the brain which are only available when one is in a positive emotional state. It enhances learning, cognition, reasoning, and logic. Variscite is useful in generally nourishing the brain and encouraging proper brain chemistry. It can help support those with degenerative nervous system imbalances or brain disorders.


I am filled with calm and well-being, my heart is full of love and my life is in harmonious balance.