Magickally, Sweet Basil is used for happiness and peace in the family. You can soak dried Basil in water for three days, strain and sprinkle the water at your doorstep to bring money and success, drive away evil and have a happy family. Basil is a family protection herb, so when combined in a bath with love herbs, it is said to increase affection in the family.
To protect the home from evil, brew a tea of Basil, Rosemary and Rue and use it as a cleansing and protective floor wash. Dried Basil can also be sprinkled about the kitchen floor and swept out the back door as a purifying floor sweep. To make a personal protection wash, boil Basil in water, strain out the leaves and wipe yourself downward with a white handkerchief dipped in the water. Do this every morning for nine days. On the last day, throw the remaining water out your front door, and your enemies cannot harm you.
Add to your money Jar to bring money to your home.

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